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Jennifer Malik

100% Satisfied Client. Look no more, you’ve found the best hvac company and Stellar Services are what you can exactly expect. Certainly the most honorable and professional company I’ve dealt with ever in the industry. They haven’t let us down ever, have shown up promptly always, even in non-business hours emergency situations, and literally have saved us many dollars

Kaylen Simon

They offer the best customer services I’ve seen ever. Both the technicians made us feel as if they really cared for our best interests, were attentive and available, explained things easily, tried to get us the best prices, did a detailed job, and also followed up to ensure that all was well. Highly recommend them.

Linda Hills

Very concerned to discover that I had some mold in duct work system. The work was scheduled as per my convenience and the duct work was cleared by what looked to be two extremely efficient and professional young gentlemen. They came timely and treated us and our home with upmost care.

Russell Smith

I highly recommend this hvac company. They do remarkable work. It was an excellent decision to switch our hvac service over to them. We should have done this sooner. Thanks a lot!

Marie Martin

I just got great service on our hvac unit. I unluckily had a different hvac company have a look at our unit earlier and they charged us a lot of money just to not actually fix the problem. The technicians from this company not just fixed the issue efficiently but all was done at an affordable rate! Great services!

Elian Jackson

This company has raised and even reset the bar of professionalism, integrity, and trust. This is the type of strong company built on foundation of hard work and values that bring strength and honor.

George Ryans

These guys are available always whenever we require them. They offer reliable, high quality services to our business HVAC units and our personal home unit. Highly knowledgeable in good valued and energy efficient solutions, they have made our work simple and stress free. I would recommend them highly to anyone.

Jim D.

The technician from this company was awesome! He explained how our unit was working, programed the thermostat, and got the unit running in best shape. We highly appreciate him for coming at appointment time and his professionalism.

Racheal Buskins

Their staff is professional and courteous. We discussed many options and their representative answered my questions patiently. The unit which was installed really works well and is as described in the discussions. I don’t have any hesitation in recommending them.

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